Papermaker Apprenticeship Standard - Level 3 (out of centre learner)

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Course Aim:

This apprenticeship is aimed at those who are wishing to become a papermaker or are looking for nationally recognised qualifications in the papermaking industry.  


Student Pre-Requisites:

The entry requirement for this apprenticeship will be decided by each employer, but will typically be a minimum of GCSE Grades A-C in maths, English, ICT and possibly a science subject (level 4 or 5 new grading system). All applicants will be aptitude tested for English and maths Level 2.


Course Duration:

This apprenticeship is a 36 month programme.


Location and Delivery Model:

Students are with their employer from day one and will study their taught components at an agreed paper mill via six, one-week blocks. 

This apprenticeship is delivered with the employer in the workplace and covers the following format:


Year 1 Apprentices are based with their employer from day one and will study a Performing Engineering Operations Level 2, one day per week at their local college / training provider. In addition, the apprentices undertake three one week blocks to study their papermaking technology Level 2 and will complete on-the-job training within the paper mill.

Year 2 - Apprentices are with their employer completing on-the-job training within the paper mill. In addition, the apprentices undertake an additional three one week blocks to complete papermaking technology Level 3. Apprentices will also complete a Business Improvement Business ImprovementTechniques NVQ Level 2.

Year 3 - Apprentices are with their employer carrying out on-the-job training, whilst working towards the gateway assessment before completing the End Point Assessment (EPA).


Programme Components:

The programme delivered through Gen2 will consist of:

  • Completion and achievement of a Level 3 Papermaker apprenticeship standard;
  • Regular performance reviews undertaken by the employer and Gen2;
  • Development of a portfolio of evidence including reports, assignments, and evidence of tasks undertaken;
  • Observations by a Gen2 assessor;
  • Ongoing professional discussions between the apprentice and the assessor relating to workplace competence and knowledge;
  • Feedback from line manager and peers including 180/360 degree feedback approaches;
  • Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level 2 English and maths.


The skills taught during this apprenticeship include:

  • Health Safety & Environment
  • Communication
  • Quality and Testing
  • Stock Preparation
  • Stock Approach and Wet End Chemistry
  • Sheet Forming Systems
  • Press and Drying Sections
  • Coating and Calendering
  • Reel Up and Slitting
  • Engineering
  • Continuous Improvement

Qualification Gained:

On completion of the Papermaker apprenticeship you will gain the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations
  • Paper Technology Level 2 and 3
  • Business Improvement Techniques Level 2
  • Minimum Level 2 English and maths
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