Gen2 – Deliverers of Project Management Training in Cumbria

Whether you are already working within a project team, are new to project management or are experienced but are looking for a formal qualification, Gen2 have a project management training course to suit you.

Project Management is key for both the public sector and industries including nuclear, engineering, construction and manufacturing.  Project management is key the the overall success of any company, regardless of the industry or sector.

That’s why we now offer a variety of options for project management training in Cumbria, including the full range of Association for Project Management (APM) qualifications:

Practitioner Qualification
Risk Management
Project Management Apprenticeship (for both new apprentices and existing workforce)

What is Project Management Training?

At Gen2 we offer project management training in Cumbria to anyone who is interested in developing their project management skills and regardless of their project management experience levels. Whether you as an individual are interested in project management or if you are a company wanting to help your employees develop their skills further, project management training is mutually beneficial to all involved.

In general terms a project is a temporary group activity which has been set up to produce a unique result within defined scope and resources. These projects can come up in any industry so having project management training under your belt to help your group to produce significant results on time and on budget is invaluable.

Project management training can help you to develop the knowledge, skills and techniques required to effectively and efficiently bring your project to its desired goal. Project management training also gives you the skills to help you to focus on particular elements such as risk management, quality and integration – skills which are more required in project management as opposed to general management.

Our Project Management Training in Cumbria

Our project management training courses range from 1-5 days and are a mixture of e-learning, classroom based and exam. These courses provide you or your company with the foundations necessary for the successful management of projects, combined with the credibility of internationally recognised qualifications including PMQ. Training is delivered within a flexible structure that will enable you to tailor the courses to meet you or your company’s needs.

The courses offered include:

Principles of Project Management (Apprenticeship Programme) – 1 day launch plus 4x 5 days

Optional or standalone courses
Prince – 2 – 5 days
PFQ Training– Introductory certificate in project management – 2 days
PMQ Training – 6 days
Introduction to project controls – 4 days
Managing risk as part of a project team - 1 day
Project document controls – 2 days

What is PMQ Training?
At Gen2 we are delighted to be able to offer the PMQ (formerly APMP) qualifications in partnership with Ladymead Projects (APM Accredited Training Providers). PMQ training offers a project management qualification which is recognised both nationally and internationally, can be carried from one job to another or from one industry to another, and is our most popular project management course. Being the longest of our courses it offers a fully in depth look at project management, so for learners who already have a good grasp on project management we would usually recommend the PMQ.

Training focuses on areas including budgeting and cost management, conflict management, communication, negotiation and teamwork and is a fully worthwhile training course that provides really valuable skills and certification.

If you are interested in participating in project management training in Cumbria, or would like more information on any of our courses then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.