What is Cumbria Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)?
Cumbria ATA offers the employer a unique approach to the recruitment of apprentices. It will support the delivery of your apprenticeship programme by offering you the services of sourcing, arranging and hosting your Apprentices. This could be for a number of reasons including; not being able to commit to the full Apprenticeship framework, short term restrictions on employee numbers, or uncertainty about the value of an Apprenticeship to your business.

How does it works?
Cumbria ATA will act as the Apprentice’s employer and we will place them with a Host company (you). In return the Host employer pays Cumbria ATA a fee that covers the cost of providing the Apprentice’s services. This fee is bases on the wage agreed with the Host (yourselves) which will at least reflect the minimum Apprentice rate, plus a management fee. If circumstances change and you are unable to retain the apprentice, we will find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice giving them the reassurance that they can continue their Apprenticeship.

What Cumbria ATA will offer you
A one ‘stop shop’ that will:

  • Support with recruitment and selection of the right Apprentice to meet your business need.
  • Management of the Apprentice’s employment including, responsibility for their wages, tax, National Insurance as well as administration and performance management.
  • Supervision of the apprentice during the whole of the Apprenticeship period, and acting as a link between yourselves and the chosen apprentice training provider throughout the Apprenticeship’s training.


What are the benefits of using Cumbria ATA?
It provides you with the flexibility to take on an Apprentice without any of the inherent employment risks or overhead costs, which instead are captured in one, simple monthly payment. In addition you’ll have the opportunity for your Apprentice to be trained by one of Cumbria’s top training provider (Gen2). For smaller companies that may not be able to offer all aspects of the Apprentice’s framework, the arrangement offers links with other host employers, thereby enabling the full range of skills to be covered.

Cumbria ATA is a NAS registered provider. Our ATA registration number is GEN34-N1005. For more information, visit the NAS website .

For more information on Cumbria ATA and how we can help you, please contact our HR team on 01900 701300.