icaseone Absence Case Management

Absence case management is the key process to engaging with absent employees and establishing pathways that can help them to return to work. We know that managing absence across a large organisation can be difficult. icaseone is designed to make the process effective across any size and type of organisation with benefits that greatly exceed costs year after year. icaseone absence case management processes and tools promote a proactive integrated approach to managing real time absence from day one until return to work, rehabilitation and management of workplace restrictions.

How icaseone works The icaseone absence management service is designed to deliver real improvements to your business. Whilst the technical solutions we offer are standardised and structured, we make sure that the application is optimised to meet the needs of your business. From recommendations on absence management process optimisation to more specific issues such as dealing with development of absence triggers to complex shifts and rotas we offer valuable guidance and support based on our substantial experience of working with very large workforces in regulated environments.

Features of icaseone

  • Uses automated notification of case management actions and reminders to line managers, HR and Occupational Health Case Managers
  • ‘Fit Note’ compatible
  • Provides automated cause of absence coding (ICD10) with identification of health trends
  • Built-in Bradford Factor scoring
  • Allows flagging of Lost Time Accidents and DDA related absences
  • Offers comprehensive case management allocation and monitoring functionality
  • Enables Rehabilitation and Workplace Restrictions planning and reviews
  • Provides comprehensive online reporting, including pattern analysis
  • Absence procedure non-compliances reported automatically to HR team
  • Absence related disciplinary procedures can be tracked and actioned
  • Flexibility to map your organisation’s policy and procedures
  • Capable of managing complex working patterns to ensure accurate calculation of lost working time
  • Allows upload and migration of data from existing company systems
  • Assured data security, integrity and confidentiality with functionality to restrict user access
  • Provides full audit trails
  • Includes help desk support as part of the service
  • Access to on-line help text and tutorials

For further information, please visit www.icaseone.co.uk

COLA Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

As a training provider Gen2 understand how difficult it is to gain a clear picture of training needs. Company training budgets are generally under pressure, therefore it is essential to know that any training undertaken is relevant and is tailored to the individual.

 In response to this need, Gen2 has created a truly unique training needs analysis system, called COLA. COLA has been designed to allow an organisation, regardless of size or sector, to assess the vocational knowledge of their workforce. The system will generate an accurate assessment for an individual and can identify any potential training needs. 

The system can also be used as an effective assessment method in interviews or for benchmarking the capabilities of your workforce. COLA enables an organisation to assess their current skills and map these against the necessary skills to drive their business into the future. Quite simply, COLA can play a vital part in your business planning.

For further information or to arrange a free demo contact Jackie Miller on 01900 701300.